We are very pleased to welcome two computer science students Ketevan and Adikhan from Constructor University joining us for the summer internship. 


What attracted you to apply for an internship at our company? 

ADIKHAN: While being IBM Z Ambassador at Constructor University, I have learned about mainframes by participating in various events and courses provided by the program. However, I did not have enough practice. Opportunity to get hands-on experience in a team of professionals made me want to apply for this internship. 

KETEVAN: As interesting as mainframes are, they are generally not talked about in educational centers; Living Mainframe is one of very few companies that offer this knowledge both in theory and in practice. This holistic approach to a very underrated and fascinating field really attracted me. 

And can you tell us what attracted you in mainframes in the first place? 

ADIKHAN: I am interested in mainframes because it’s a type of technology, where you are not bound by one specific field because working with mainframes involves knowledge from finance, AI, web development, cloud computing and more. In addition, I have always had an interest in legacy systems and because mainframes are one of the oldest technologies, I was curious to explore it even more.  

Ketevan, did you experience difficulties due to lack experience in the field?  

Not really. I could ask lots of questions and receive lots of guidance, so as long as you have general principles of computer science figured out and are motivated to learn, you’re set. Plus, there are lots of beginner lever resources from mainframers’ community.  

How would you describe the work environment here? 

ADIKHAN: I love that people here can grow professionally by engaging in many projects, but at the same time expanding horizons. Everyone is different and it is valued here. For example, I have learned a lot about cultural aspects of Germans more than by watching some documentaries about Germany.

KETEVAN: In a word, I would say supportive. I felt challenged and at the same time very encouraged

In what ways has the company invested in your development? /What new skills or knowledge have you gained during your internship? 

ADIKHAN: I’m grateful to everyone who supported me here. They engaged me in the projects that I had interest in and also provided me with resources for additional learning, such as courses for IBM Business Partners. I’m happy to finally be able to work with ISPF, see CICS (Customer Information Control System) in action and put on the shoes of system programmers.  

KETEVAN: The company for me personally went above and beyond to create a comfortable environment, so I could really focus on my work.  I have gained lots of valuable skills: I have learned new programming languages and how to work with different hardware and software.  

Dear Ketevan and Adikhan, we are delighted to have you on the Mainframe Team – it is wonderful to see such young and dedicated individuals embracing the mainframe. Welcome aboard!